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Daria Werbowy Gallery

A blog dedicated to supermodel Daria Werbowy.

Welcome to Daria Werbowy Gallery, the most up-to-date blog on everything Daria!  Here you can find complete lists of all her Advertisements, Magazine Covers, Editorials, Runway career, and basically everything associated with her.   If you are a follower of Daria's modelling, you have come to the right place!  I update as soon as any new news arrives, so keep coming back to hear the news here first!

Marie Claire Russia May | More BTS

April 12, 2014

Claudia Revidat, the behind the scenes photographer for Marie Claire Russia, also posted [very artsy] images on Cargo Collective from their May issue. I am getting very excited to see the final outcome!

image source: cargocollective.com

Marie Claire Russia May | Cover + BTS

April 12, 2014

We didn't have to wait long for the image release of Marie Claire Russia's May cover, Considering we just found out Daria's involvement with this specific issue about a month ago, I would say that is a quick turn-a-round! Right now we only have the cover image and some more behind the scenes images, but its definitely shaping up to be a hit! The cover is a little different, very colorful...and wait...Daria has makeup on? And her hair is down? That's probably because Lancome has a part in this shoot, but who cares! Its different from what we've been getting in terms of covers lately, so I'm happy. MC Russia's website has hints of an interview, so it seems we will be getting more than just an editorial. Its very rare these days to just get an editorial with Daria anymore; she is moving on up. Cover and editorial are shot by Mathieu Cesar and all BTS images are shot by Claudia Revidat .


image source: marieclaire.ru, Marie Claire Russia's Instagram

i-D Magazine Spring | Editorial

April 08, 2014

Please excuse my lack of posts (or lack of speedy updates I should say). I am currently at home with a newborn and he definitely gets all of my attention :)

The i-D editorial from their Spring issue has been posted, unfortunately not in HQ, but I thought I would go ahead and post it for now. It follows closely to the cover, all black clothing and minimal makeup. Even though its nothing really new, its still refreshing.

image source: godsavethhequeen (tfS)

i-D Magazine | Spring 2014

March 27, 2014

First Vogue US, not i-D Magazine? What is going on?! Daria continues to surprise. She can now be found on the cover of i-D Magazine's Spring 2014 issue, a magazine she hasn't been on the cover of since September 2005! Shot again by Karim Sadli, I think we have a new model/photog pair to watch. Are Daria and Karim the new Daria and Cass?
I'm really digging this cover. I'm always for an image that doesn't have her tattoos/piercings photoshopped out. But...are we back to the no makeup look? As of now, there are only two previews of the editorial. At least we know there will be an editorial! There is nothing worse than a model being on the cover with no story inside. I wouldn't be surprised if this was shot at the same time as the Vogue US editorial in the last post. The hair and makeup look very similar.
Update: I completely forgot to post the interview that is up on i-D's website. You can find it here. Thanks to reader Gina13111 for the reminder! It looks like the interview is going to be in the actual issue, which is great. The images are out, but once there are HQ images on the internet, they will be posted here. So keep checking back!

image source: FashionDream and yamil (Bellazon)

Vogue US | April 2014

March 24, 2014

Its very rare when I get to title a post with Vogue US. The last time that happened was in August 2013. And the time before that? March 2011 (without counting the one unpublished image in the September 2011 issue)! Well, now Daria can be found in Vogue's April issue. Very unexpected and very welcome! This time around, she was shot by Karim Sadli, a new photographer for Vogue. He has shot Daria recently for ad campaigns (H&M and Isabel Marant), but never for an editorial. I'm loving this! Very different for Vogue US in my opinion, which may be one reason why I like it so much. Its a studio shoot, but different from what we normally get. There is no jumping shots and or looking off into the distance with a weird expression. We get to see Daria's personality. She looks like she is having a great time at this shoot! Its styled,but not too much. Daria still shines through, without going the whole "I don't wear any makeup" vibe that we were getting a lot of towards the end of last year. Bottom line, I love this.

image source: glossynewsstand via catherine88 (tFS)

Louis Vuitton | Bags

March 21, 2014

Louis Vuitton has a new Watches and Jewelry collection, and Daria may be a face for it? The reasoning behind my questioning is that Daria is featured in a few pictures with bags...no watches or jewelry. Needless to say, there is not much information out there behind these four amazing new images (originally found here). Lets just bask in the beauty of them. We don't always need to know what they are for, right? Of course, once more information is out there, you know this will be updated! 
These images remind me of her "catalog" days, which is definitely missed (at least for me). And the 3rd and 4th image...wow. Reminds me of her previous Louis Vuitton campaign images.

**Update: Images had to be removed due to an upload problem by crash.fr. These are for an upcoming project that will be revealed in Mid-May. Once the project has been released, you know where to come for all details! **

image source: Lisa~~~* (tFS)

Divine Beauty

March 17, 2014

An interview with two photos is up on Madame Figaro Greece's website. I believe she has a few pages in the February issue, but unfortunately am unable to dig up any other details. Did they just use images circulating from Costume Norway's January issue (shot by Alexi Lubomirski)? Or are these the unpublished images? Either way, we never got to see what was all inside Costume's issue. These are two beautiful images! I would love to see the rest. She answered their Proust questionaire, written by Daphne van Leeuw, which can be found here.

image source: madamefigaro.gr

Marie Claire Russia | Making Of

March 10, 2014

Looks like we have another cover and editorial to look forward too! This time around its for Marie Claire RussiaMay. She has been on the cover of multiple Marie Claire issues, but never for the Russian edition. MC covers also tend to be reprints, so this will be very interesting to see!

image source: childintime (bellazon), marieclairerussia instagram

Dsection Magazine

March 04, 2014

Daria has one page in Dsection (issue #10), a menswear magazine published in Lisbon, Portugal. This image comes from an Alexi Lubomirski's Lancome shoot we found out about back in October. We haven't seen much of this shoot, so I wonder where else it will show up. What a beautiful image though! Very fitting for a men's magazine, wouldn't you say? Its very "Peter Lindbergh-esque."

image source: models.com

Videos | Mango and Vogue UK

March 03, 2014

This morning (while I am snowed in yet again...is it Spring yet?) I bring two new videos to you. The first, a little commercial for Mango. That dancing...love! Is that her version of Irish dancing? Can't get enough!

The second video is the making of Vogue UK's Rainbow Babes editorial (March 2014). There's not much to this video, but its still nice to see! Any behind the scenes action is an added bonus. Check it out here.

Lancome | Hypnotic Eyes Collection

February 11, 2014

Its not very often that we get new Lancome advertisements. I just happened to go on Lancome's website to check it out and lo and behold, a new ad! They tend to over photoshop their pictures, unfortunately, and this one is no difference. Shot for Lancome's new Hypnotic Eyes Collection, I had to do a double take to make sure it really was Daria. Of course, those eyes stand out and it is a pretty picture. But dang, why does a make up company have to use photoshop so blatantly? Tone it down, will ya?

Hopefully we will get more images with this new collection. I'm not going to hold my breath on that though. They are celebrating 10 years of Hypnose, so maybe we will get more...who knows with Lancome!

image source: lancome.com

DVF Spring/Summer 2014 | Campaign

February 08, 2014

Just a few days ago we learned Daria is the face of DVF yet again for their Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. That makes a total of six S/S campaigns so far! Images are out and follow the same theme as the Fall campaign, just more Spring-y, if you will. Shot by Mikael Jansson, we get the "Glamour Daria" many have been missing lately. She does look great here, very lively! Enjoy the colorful images, I sure do!

You can't forget the Campaign video! I remember last season's I absolutely loved. This season's is no different. Daria is working her magic.  Plus, this time around, we get a little sneak peak at the making of the campaign (second video)! It sure does seem these videos (or at least making-of images) come pretty standard these days for most campaigns. Social media...how I love you.

image source: wearesodroee

Vogue UK March 2014 | Cover

February 03, 2014

The rumors were true, Daria is on the March issue of Vogue UK! Photographed by Mario Testino, Daria looks gorgeous. Donning no makeup is nothing really new for us, and I am not surprised at all to see this on the cover of a major Vogue magazine, but many others aren't liking it. I do love seeing the glammed up Daria (especially since it is so rare these days) and it seems many others feel the same way, but I can't deny how beautiful this cover is. I'm loving the colors, very spring-like and fresh. Considering I am on the eve of yet another Winter storm, Spring can't come fast enough. 

What makes this even better is that we will be getting two editorials. That's right, two 12 page eds! One shot by Mario Testino and styled by Lucinda Chambers, the second shot by Mert & Marcus and styled by Kate Moss. A preview of Mert & Marcus' editorial can be found below. Definitely can not wait to see the rest! If the Testino ed follows similarly to the cover, we will be seeing two very different Daria's in this issue...very interesting/exciting! 

image source: Nepenthes (tFS)

L'Equipe Sport & Style | Video

January 24, 2014

If L'Equipe's Sport & Style sailing inspired editorial wasn't beautiful enough, now we can feast our eyes on a  video of the shoot. Videos are always an added bonus because they allow you to feel like you are there and really give you a better sense of the whole thing. They are even better when we get to see possible images/scenes that did not make it to the final editorial. This video definitely holds true on all accounts. I would absolutely love to see the unpublished images from this shoot...Mathieu Cesar, take note!

**Before posting, I decided to take one more look at Cesar's website in the hopes of finding any such unpublished images. Voila, I came up with one! 

image source: mathieucesar.com

H&M Fall 2012 | Unpublished

January 21, 2014

Amidst all of the new campaign news and images for the new season that we are getting everyday, I found something "old"! Remember that H&M campaign that was never published on H&M's website from Fall 2012? I sure do. Well, a year and half later, we can no longer feel gypped. Even though these weren't technically unpublised since they were seen in stores worldwide, I never saw all the images for the campaign, so that is how I am classifying these images (they will be posted under the Advertisement page for simplicity's sake). Shot in Stockholm by Andreas Sjodin, I'm loving these. I don't know if I've never not liked H&M's campaigns. Hopefully we will see Daria in H&M campaigns this year!

Keep checking back for my posts on her new Spring/Summer 2014 campaign images. I can't believe she has already scored 5 this season. Will there be any more?

image source: andreassjodin.se

Harper's Bazaar US | February 2014

January 16, 2014

I never thought I would see the day. Daria on the cover of Harper's Bazaar US. All shock aside, I am beyond esctatic, as all Daria fans should be. This is major. And what a beautiful cover image!

Shot by Daniel Jackson, the editorial is a simple studio shoot. Focusing on black and white, both the clothes and the photography, Daria shines. It seems like every editorial we get now there is at least one image of Daria smiling. I love that. Getting this in the mailbox made my day...actually made my week. 

There is a one page interview as well inside. Nothing really new is mentioned; more of just the fact that once she turned 30 she feels like she can really dictate her career much more.

image source: fashnberry.com, miguelalmeida (tFs)

L'Equipe Sport & Style | December 2013

December 06, 2013

Amazing pictures just keep on coming, don't they? Daria is now on the cover of French magazine's L'Equipe Sport & Style December issue. Focusing on her love of the water, the images are complete gorgeous-ness. You can tell Daria is in her element. The interview also focuses on her love of the sea. A nice contrast from all of ther career/age questions we have been getting these days.

Daria was shot by Mathieu Cesar, a photographer she has never worked with before. Back in July, we got a behind the scenes photo on his site, and now we know what that was from! Its crazy how long it took for this to get in print. But considering her Venice editorial from photographer duo Mert & Marcus has yet to be published (if it ever will be), this should come as no suprise in this industry.
At first I thought this had Cass Bird written all over it. The photography style is very similar, and the subject matter is close to Daria's heart. But alas, its not. What a neat surprise!

Any readers out there who have this magazine available to them??

image source: sportetstyle.fr

L'Express Styles Magazine | November 27, 2013

November 29, 2013

Finally another Daria and Cass collaboration! Daria can be found on the November 27-December 3rd cover of French magazine L'Express Styles. I have never heard of this magazine, (which makes me worry if I will be able to get a copy) making this all the more unexpected! The spread is so beautiful I can't get over some of the images. The close-up of her eye and the two images of her smiling/laughing. Wow. Its not very often we get pictures of Daria like this...we can thank Daria's relationship with the photographer. And I guess the fact that every time we get Daria and Cass together, we see more of the real Daria. 

I love the all black theme and the black background. This is definitely a stunner.

On another note, what is up with all of these hard to get (in the midwest) magazine appearances? Again, does anyone have this readily available to them? Like I said, I have never heard of this magazine, so I am not sure if it is a popular/easy to get one. Considering the dates on the cover, is this only available for a week? Crossing my fingers! This can not be passed up! 

**Again, sorry for the picture layout issues!!**

image source: Single_Lady (bellazon)

Mango S/S 2014 | Preview

November 29, 2013

**Sorry for the late post. As you can see, my coding is wrong when posting pictures and I have been trying to get it fixed before posting, but have had no luck. Since this has been in my drafts for over a week now, I figured I would just post it.**

News of the next Spring/Summer campaigns are already coming out, and a new one has surfaced for Daria! Daria will be the new face of Mango. A new fashion house she has never worked for, how exciting! Because Daria is replacing Miranda Kerr as the face of Mango, the news seems to be all over the web. Maybe that's one reason why we have this news so soon! Along with news, we already have behind the scenes images of the new campaign. I have always been a fan of Mango's campaigns, and with these images, it looks very similar to her previous Stefanel campaigns. So I definitely think I am going to like the outcome. Shot in Lanzarote by Josh Olins, I give you the making of images.

Of course I would like to thank all of my readers who made sure I had this news. I really appreciate it!!

image source: godsavethequeen (tFS)

Happy Birthday Daria!

November 19, 2013
Happy 30th Birthday Daria !!

Holy cow I can't believe this is the 5th birthday post I have made on this blog. Over 5 years of blogging and still loving it as much as I did when I started. Daria, I hope you have a great birthday doing what you love!

Madame Figaro | November 1

November 01, 2013

Yep, I called it! Her latest Madame Figaro cover and editorial are stunning! The simplicity, the poses, the styling...can't get enough! The close-ups that you wouldn't normally see as close-ups in a spread I am loving as well. How about we just let the images speak for themselves, shall we? I think that is a perfect idea.

**By the way, a few behind the scenes images have been added under the Making-Of tab. Again, any help in getting this magazine would be much appreciated!! This magazine unfortunately is not available in my neck of the woods.**

image source: glossynewstand via meidude (tFS)

Madame Figaro Cover Video

October 29, 2013

Hot off the press! Er, I should say hot before off the press. Daria is still hard at work, with (I'm assuming) next month's Madame Figaro's cover and photo shoot. That's right, I found a making-of video before any pictures of the final product has been released! It is very rare to find a making-of video before the pictures, which is why this all the more awesome. Its always interesting to see what images could have been chosen for a spread, but now we can sort of guess what the spread will look like. Cool, right?

We all know I am a sucker for simple studio shoots and it looks like this one is just that. Shot by Nico (these two have been working a lot together lately), Daria looks stunning. Granted we haven't seen the final product yet, this looks right up my alley. I'm loving it for sure. It's also nice seeing Daria have fun while shooting. She looks very in her element. I definitely can't wait to see the final results! No matter what, this video is great, for lack of a better word.

Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

October 15, 2013

Most of you already know I absolutely love unpublished images and behind the scenes images. In the past few days, we got both...aren't we lucky?!
Daria's latest editorial in Marie Claire France is undeniably beautiful. It's funny how I even mentioned I would love seeing the unpublished takes from teh shoot. Well, at least we get to see two of them. Just as beautiful as the final chosen few.

Now onto the behind the scenes image. All is not quiet on the Lancome front. Daria shot with Alexi Lubomirski in New York last week. It seems like Lancome ads are so few and far between, that its very rare we get a behind the scenes image before the ad comes out. I remember seeing this image the day after it was originally posted while doing my last instagram scroll (in bed mind you before 9pm...oh the woes of pregnancy). I wanted to post the image so bad, but was not going to get up. And now its a week later...sorry! Anyway, I am very interested for what Lancome product its for. Looks like it will turn out lovely. Looks very David Yurman esque, no?

I also wanted to point out this beauty. Could you image taking this photo? Holy cow, she looks gorgeous. If it doesn't look familier, this would have been taken after the Balmain Spring 2010.

image source: wearesodroee, bridgeartists instagram

Marie Claire France | November 2013

October 03, 2013

I got another one for you! And one of the best so far at that (beauty wise)! Daria can now be found on the cover of Marie Claire France's November issue, as well as inside! Shot by Nico, the editorial far outweighs the cover in my opinion, the beauty shots are exactly that, beautiful. Natural, beautiful Daria. Even though She isn't giving much "expression" in the images or any variance, I'm not getting any negative vibes. She doesn't look bored, she doesn't look like she would rather be anywhere else. Its just Daria. That second image...wow. It actually really reminds me of her 2004 runway days. Especially Stella McCartney (?? I am going to have to look that up). Can you imagine all of the unpublished shots? This would be a time when I would love to see everything out of this shoot. If only...

This is Daria's first Marie Claire France cover and editorial. These images will be hard to beat for any future works with the publication. I wonder if we will see a lot of reprints from this. I can already see it. I can't really picture any of the editorial images on a magazine cover, but knowing Marie Claire, these images will be reprinted once or twice (or more). Or maybe I'm thinking of Elle. If Elle had these images, who knows how many times we would see them!

Anyone able to translate? Being a beauty article, I know it will focus on Lancome. I even see the word mentioned quite a few times.

image source: MatCyruss (tFS)

P.S. Daria is only 3 cover behind the count for last year. Do you think we can get 3 more covers? Let's hope for 4!

Quick News

--Sad news, Daria is not the face of Maiyet Spring 2014 

--Anybody need any Daria clippings?

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